A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ever wanted to play Pong inside of a Pong ball? Try juggling both at the same time!

BounceBounceBounce is a 2 player game for PC/Mac. Move the paddles to block the balls from hitting your side.


Left Player:

q/a - move outside paddle up/down

s/x - move inside paddle up/down

Right Player:

p/; - move outside paddle up/down

o/l - move inside paddle up/down

This was a game idea I had 3 years ago but hadn't had a chance to work on it until now.

If the control mapping sucks too much for your keyboard let me know on twitter, and I'll see what I can do about it...


If you have any bugs or suggestions let me know too!



BounceBounceBounce-Win.zip 42 MB
BounceBounceBounce-Mac.zip 13 MB

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